For Brokers

A premier app entails all the benefits you see with Claims Made Easy but gives you a greater degree of branding, information capture and your own app on the app store. This means your clients search for your company when downloading the app.

Fully branded to your business

A new marketing opportunity

Greater flexibility over information captured compared to Claims Made Easy

Helps to promote your business as proactive and innovative

Industry averages for motor claims reporting slashed by 90%+

Faster reporting delivers savings

The App increases the quality of information

Electronic reporting means efficiency savings – copying information rather than scanning

Helps your customers in a moment of crisis where you’ve provided guidance and a solution

Capturing more information means less chasing around for your staff

White Label Features

“From my point of view when discussing the app with our customers, I give examples of late reporting and the negative effect it has against the third-party claim and importantly the customer claims experience. If the claim is not reported in good time or the customer feels it is not worth reporting due to it being a minor event the credit hire costs can indeed run into the £000’s….  I just love the App, I think it’s great.”

Specialist Risk Group Client Claims Director.

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