Insure Apps

White Label App

Many brokers in the UK want to offer their clients claims app technology with their own branding. It’s a lot more affordable to have your own app than you might think.

Some of the features:

Fully Branded to your business – your own app on the app stores

It gives you the ability to change the question set

Property, Motor and Liability claims modules – you decide what to capture

Back office system – powerful client information like you’ve never seen before

More features

Some of the benefits:

Your client perceives you as innovative and customer focused

A way to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Captures key information that’s often omitted

Saves broker admin time and costs – 15% average saving

Reduces average claims cost – examples of 17% savings

Day one reporting of over 90%

More benefits

Broker Testimonial

“From my point of view when discussing the app with our customers, I give examples of late reporting and the negative effect it has against the third-party claim and importantly the customer claims experience. If the claim is not reported in good time or the customer feels it is not worth reporting due to it being a minor event the credit hire costs can indeed run into the £000’s….
I just love the App, I think it’s great.”
Specialist Risk Group Client Claims Director.