Features and Benefits

Many brokers in the UK want to offer their clients claims app technology with their own branding. It’s a lot more affordable to have your own app than might you think.

Fully Branded to your business – your own app on the app stores

You design your own Icon and front-page artwork giving your app a distinctive feel

It gives you the ability to change the question set

Property, Motor and Liability claims modules – you decide what to capture

GPS – Pinpoints exactly where the incident occurred

Photographs – a picture is worth a thousand words

Voice to text – no need to type and it understands all accents!

Prompts and Guidance - a helping hand

Back office system – powerful client information like you’ve never seen before

Broker control of the flow of information

Availability on Android and IOS

White Label Features

Take control of your digital strategy and create something that gives you competitive advantage

Your client perceives you as innovative and customer focused

The potential to build API links

The opportunity to build further claims modules – e.g. goods in transit claims

A way to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Guides clients in what to do in a time of need

Captures key information that’s often omitted

Saves broker admin time and costs – 15% average saving

Saves on third party costs - e.g. hire car costs

Reduces average claims cost – examples of 17% savings

Day one reporting of over 90%

One 750 vehicle fleet has day one reporting of 20%. After deploying our app to all its drivers, the day one reporting was transformed overnight to 87%. Depot managers used the technology to report claims from more than 4 weeks prior as it was so much simpler and faster than traditional methods. A conservative calculation estimates using the claims app has saved £80,000 to the fleet in claims costs.