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Many brokers in the UK want to offer their clients claims app technology with their own branding. It’s a lot more affordable to have your own app than you might think.

Who are we and what do we do?

Endorsed by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) since 2017, Insure Apps is the only BIBA approved claims app  provider.

Insure Apps offers claims app and webpage technology to brokers, fleets and businesses across the UK and beyond.

Our technology has been designed from the ground up to help transform insurance claims and drive down costs. Compatible with IOS, Android and Desktop devices, users can report motor, property and liability claims in minutes – capturing information through photographs, GPS, ‘voice to text’ and much more.

Our claims technology has transformed business processes saving time and money.

Designed for Brokers by Brokers:

Fully Branded to your business – your own claims app on the app stores

Property, Motor and Liability claims modules – you decide what to capture

Back office system – powerful client information like you’ve never seen before

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Broker Testimonial

“From my point of view when discussing the app with our customers, I give examples of late reporting and the negative effect it has against the third-party claim and importantly the customer claims experience. If the claim is not reported in good time or the customer feels it is not worth reporting due to it being a minor event the credit hire costs can indeed run into the £000’s…. I just love the App, I think it’s great.” Specialist Risk Group Client Claims Director.

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Some of the benefits:

Reduces average claims cost – examples of 17% savings

Day one reporting of over 90%

Saves broker admin time and costs – 15% average saving

Captures key information that’s often omitted

Your client perceives you as innovative and customer focused

A way to stand out in a crowded marketplace

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