The New Normal?

Published On: June 8, 2020

The New Normal?

As I reflect on life over the last 3 months and dare to think about what life going forward will be like, there is a lot to consider.  It’s potentially too much to try and take in, the speed of change, the amount of information, the amount of dis-information – it can quite easily become a bit over-whelming!

Did I think back in March that 3 months later I would have:

  •  Learnt how to fit a Cat 6 cable, complete with RJ45 connectors, through the loft to the other side of the house;
  • Bought a paddling pool for a triathlete to swim in?  (yes, quite a deep one);
  • Produced 11 videos;
  • Nearly learnt to play Fortnite – I’m so bad that I can’t claim to be able to play; Used Zoom, Teams, gotomeeting, skype & google hangouts for business;
  • Attended a funeral with 8 of us there;
  • Upgraded RAM in a Computer;
  • Sold old RAM on ebay (first time I’ve sold on ebay);
  • Taken part in a TikTok dance! (Thankfully only 2000 views); and
  • Tidied my study!

In short, I wouldn’t have got close to predicting what has happened.  Covid-19 brought new challenges re continuing to work for six of us in our household.  So, how do I work out what the ‘new normal’ is going to be or indeed should be?

In a similar way the journey with Insure Apps includes the challenge of whether people would use an app to record a claim.  How do you predict when people will adopt new technology?

Covid-19 has changed us all and will continue to change us in ways we probably don’t even realise yet.  Recently playing golf I found two men in their 70s scoring their round of golf on an App so that they didn’t have to exchange cards.  When it came down to a choice of playing competitive golf or not playing they adapted and used the app, they got on with it and learnt what to do.

So, what should the ‘new normal’ look like for Insure Apps?  We were due to get a new office this year but we’ve decided that working ‘virtually’ means it doesn’t limit us geographically.  Let’s employ the best people and move away from the obsession of gathering in one location.  We already have team members in 4 locations and as long as we have the right technology in place then operating remotely will actually be an advantage.  It will help us deliver to customers that operate over lots of locations or have to report incidents from all over the world – it’s going to become part of our story.

In the same way that I had improve our household technology, Insure Apps will need to have a good look at what we provide and make sure it meets ever changing customer needs.  Covid-19 has changed the way the planet uses technology, the long-term impacts will be huge.  As Information Technology suppliers we now have an even greater responsibility to step up and make further improvements.  Expectations and abilities have risen, we must help take things to the next level.

The question of speed of change will always remain.  We had an insurance broker sign up with us last week, who two years ago decided not to use app technology in this area.  I suppose what we all need to decide is what speed of change do my clients need and want.

We control technology, technology does not control us.  We decide if it’s time to upgrade the RAM in a PC, if it’s time to improve the home broadband system or indeed if it’s time to introduce clients to new technology.