Insurance Claims Service Levels – Saving Costs

Published On: July 5, 2023

Insurance Claims Service Levels – Saving Costs

“I am pleased to say that a customer has rolled the app out to their 150 drivers, the reporting times have drastically reduced and we are seeing savings almost immediately in terms of credit hire exposure, capture rates, triage of third party claims.  We’ve found that the app is an amazing product to help our customers solve that reporting dilemma.” Claims Manager

If this fleet has 40 claims a year then using the Claims App they will typically save:

  • £48,000 in average claim cost (average 20% day one reporting level)
  • 20 hours of driver time as more efficient with fewer phone calls
  • 20+ hours of transport manager time as process is more efficient
  • Potentially 40+ hours of broker claims time as process more efficient
  • Premium savings of £60,000+ as savings feed through to premiums over time

The return on investment can be measured in weeks for each individual client.

“People don’t want to use a claims app”  After 20,000 reported claims and up to 30 claims a day being reported through the App we still hear this.  It’s not for everyone but just ask someone under the age of 30 if they’d rather phone a call centre or report a claim using an app.

Let’s look at customers and customer trends, not at what we want to build or what we’ve invested in already.

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