Insurance Claims Service Levels – Poor Service

Published On: May 30, 2023

Insurance Claims Service Levels – Poor Service

I was chatting with a broker customer recently and they said “Claims Service has never been worse in our industry, phones just don’t get answered quickly enough”. 

It begs the question, why?  Is it because in a post lockdown world people’s priorities have changed, working from home doesn’t work well in terms of claims service?  Have people left the sector to try other things?  Have accident rates increased?  Has society become more litigious?

Understanding why is important in terms of introducing solutions.  Do we need to introduce more flexible working combined with improved technology around telephony?  Or do we just need more people and need to focus on strategies to attract more youngsters into the world of insurance?

One of the reflections we agreed upon was that no matter what the reasons for poor claims service, the claims app helps address some of the issues.  “If we can help with replacing the 20min phone call with an App submission and a 5 minute phone call, then it can fairly make a dent in improving claims service”.

So as well as helping clients at the scene of an accident, the App can help improve claims efficiency for both broker and insurer….everybody wins. Find out more here.


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