BIBA broker Specialist Risk use claims app to transform customer experience

Published On: March 10, 2019

BIBA broker Specialist Risk use claims app to transform customer experience

We’ve been transforming claims processes across the UK with dozens of brokers for 18 months. One of our initial concerns when starting this business was that our technology was too early for the Insurance market. However, we’ve got a couple of great stories that we and one of our BIBA broker clients want you to hear.

Specialist Risk Group (Formerly Miles Smith Insurance Group) was one of the first brokers to sign up with us, demonstrating foresight, ambition, and a desire to help their customers reduce claims costs.

We recently spent some time chatting to Specialist Risk’s Client Claims Director, a champion of their app within the business, and he told us of a couple of success stories you need to hear.

On a handful of occasions, Specialist Risk have struggled with clients who are initially reluctant to embrace technology, due to not being “IT minded”.

Both Insure Apps and Specialist Risk think this is an important barrier to overcome, as being an IT whizz is not a prerequisite to using the app. Specialist Risk proposes that companies need only trial it and see if it could resolve the issues they experience with their drivers.

The issues can be a mixture of:

  • Late reporting
  • No witness details
  • No phone numbers of the third party
  • No registration number

On one occasion, after taking the app the client suffered an accident involving a third party.  The app prompted the client to capture the third parties’ details at the scene of the accident. This and other data came through to Specialist Risk instantly. The claims team used their initiative to get the third party on side, which included multiple passengers, helping them manage the costs of the claim significantly. This demonstrates the professionalism and care taken by the Specialist Risk claims team and they were keen to point out how vital the claims app was in this process.

The result of this? Well the client saved thousands of pounds on the claim, which helps their premium come renewal and they are committed to using the app going forward.

Quoting Specialist Risk: “From my point of view when discussing the app with our customers, I give examples of late reporting and the negative effect it has against the third-party claim and importantly the customer claims experience. If the claim is not reported in good time or the customer feels it is not worth reporting due to it being a minor event the credit hire costs can indeed run into £000’s….”

On a different occasion, Specialist Risk advised a client to download the app in the immediate aftermath of a motor accident. Everyone was a bit shaken up, and unsure what to do.  Specialist Risk quickly showed the Managing Director the app. He sent his fleet manager to the scene armed with the app and the data was promptly collected. Following the proactiveness of the Managing Director and Specialist Risk, they were able to make the best of a challenging situation.

With the client capturing the details of the claim, Specialist Risk were quickly able to appoint a solicitor to protect the driver and the company. As you know, in instances like this time is vital, as is the quality of the information captured. We’re proud to say that the signing off line after this story by the claims director was “I just love the app, I think it’s great”.

If you want to join the dozens of innovative BIBA brokers like Specialist Risk in offering your clients a claims app, not just for Motor but also Property and Liability, get in touch today.