Insure Apps

Client Testimonials

“At BCA, part of the Constellation Automotive Group, we have now been using insure apps FNOL app across our group since 2019 primarily for the reporting of motor incidents.  We have found the app to be the most effective tool in obtaining the information required, and getting it to our insurance company as efficiently as possible following an accident.” – Claims and Insurance Manager, BCA.

Working with the Insure Apps team has been a pleasure. Their commitment to making sure the app meets our clients’ needs as well as guiding us through the technical launch process has been invaluable. Thomas Carroll now have our own branded App, enabling our clients to notify incidents promptly and in turn, allowing insurers to capture data early and mitigate claims costs and as such, impact on premium. All in all, it’s a win-win!” –  Claims Manager, Thomas Carroll.

“We wanted to find a solution that gives our customers a seamless way to report claims but also ensure we recorded information as soon as possible after an incident to reduce losses. Insure Apps gave us just that and has significantly improved accident reporting time as well as customer experience – all through a custom branded app specifically designed for us. The team are great and very responsive to our needs and individual circumstances.”  – Co-Founder, Elmo Drive.

“With the customer base that JCB Insurance has, it is imperative that we stay in front of the competition by investing and running with the latest innovations in the industry. We can genuinely say, this App has provided us with another level of cutting edge service that both our existing customers enjoy, and prospects get excited about. It really is something that sets us apart from our competition'” – JCB Insurance Services

“From my point of view when discussing the app with our customers, I give examples of late reporting and the negative effect it has against the third-party claim and importantly the customer claims experience. If the claim is not reported in good time or the customer feels it is not worth reporting due to it being a minor event the credit hire costs can indeed run into the £000’s…. I just love the App, I think it’s great”. – Client Claims Director, Specialist Risk Group

“When the app became available to us from Romero’s it quickly became apparent that we were unnecessarily involving another party in terms of efficiency and cost. The exclusion of the third-party accident management company and the introduction of the app clearly offered an opportunity to work more efficiently with Romero’s & improve the management of our claims experience.” – Head of Fleet, Breezemount.

“By using the technology provided by Insure Apps and combined with our claims management process we have been are able to reduce claims costs and associated credit hire and third-party property/injury claims and help reduce premium costs for its clients.– Managing Director, Ascend Broking Group  

Centor worked with Insure Apps to put together a Motor Claims App for our fleet clients. The team listened to our requirements and put together an app that met those exact specifications. Perhaps more impressive is the after-service customer support we still receive to this day, especially the help they provide us in promoting the app.” –  Marketing Executive, Centor   

“We’ve been using the Claims App and it’s been great. The App is easy to use, very driver friendly, gives us instant information and helps us focus on getting on with business. Our claims reporting time is less than a day which is great for keeping claims costs down. Overall, we think it’s a great tool for helping drivers, keeps everyone informed and is a big benefit when it comes to defending claims.” – Fleet Manager

“We were looking for a solution that delivers an easy to use, intuitive means of reporting a claim directly into the hands of those who have suffered loss of or damage to property, whether their own or that of a third party. Insure Apps’ claim app fit the bill perfectly.  It’s a straightforward but effective system that offers flexibility in the information flow to suit everyone’s needs. When a client has a claim, they can notify us, their own company and a third party instantly. Insure Apps claims app technology has been a fantastic addition to our claims services, and claims reported through the system show definite improvement on the traditional methodsSenior Manager, PI Property Insurance 

“It has been a breath of fresh air and we are always recommending it to our other clients, whether their fleets are big or small as it is such an efficient way of reporting claims. The process allows for immediate reporting of all the crucial info which assists both the drivers (it’s fresh in their minds and not having to be recalled at a later date when asked to complete a claim form or speak to a call centre) and managers (who can then proceed with urgent actions required and log all the data from day one). – Claims Director, Romero Insurance Brokers