For Businesses

Whether you have 2 or 3 drivers or thousands of drivers, our claims apps helps and guides them on what to do when they are in a motor accident

Fully capturing information helps to protect them as individuals and the reputation of your business

Recording information at the scene is more powerful and complete when it comes to defending your company

For businesses
For Businesses

Helps prevent your business becoming a victim of fraud – e.g. how many passengers were in the third-party vehicle can be a vital bit of info that people miss

More information from your drivers means you don’t need to chase around reporting and can focus on your business needs

Talking to your drivers about the App helps to raise awareness of risk

Using the App saves time and money – uninsured losses and future premiums are reduced

“We’ve been using the Claims App for some time now and it’s been great. The App is easy to use, very driver friendly, gives us instant information and helps us focus on getting on with business. Our claims reporting time is less than a day which is great for keeping claims costs down. Overall we think it’s a great tool for helping drivers, keeps everyone informed and is a big benefit when it comes to defending claims”

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