Bespoke Apps

Many brokers in the UK want to offer their clients something a bit different, something that makes their offering stand out from the crowd, something that wins them business and makes them more efficient. It’s therefore more than just a claims app, you’ll be looking closely at your business and designing something to suit your needs.

We’ll help you to take a step back from your business and look at the whole problem. We make sure that together we create something that’s simple, intuitive and effective for your customers.

We define the problem you and your customers are looking to solve, such as capturing the correct information on a travel claim when thousands of miles away from home or taking photos of antiques to help with valuations and/or claims.

Once we know how we’re going to solve your problem, we’ll involve you in the build to define how the app should look and feel. We aim to improve on ideas.

Our goal on these projects is to deliver something great.

Some of the benefits & ideas:

Some of the benefits & ideas:

Old schemes transformed helping with marketing and efficiency

New areas created eg Vehicle Inspection App for Transportation sector

The potential to build API links

More Benefits

More Benefits

A way to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Your client perceives you as innovative and customer focused

Guides clients in a specific sector eg Risk Management App in pubs & clubs